Superior sound quality

Our speakers deliver stable sound without distortion, ensuring a clear and authentic sound experience.

Individual sound solutions

With our individual solutions, we can better cater to the individual needs of our customers.

We love hearing!

We also strive for a reasonable price / sound ratio, because superior sound quality and unique design should be affordable for our customers

  • 1. 100% quality control

  • 2. No Subwoofer Necessary

  • 3. Wide range stereo area

  • 4.Plug & Play

  • 5. Individual production

We put each of our products through their paces and guarantee this with a measurement report and quality certificate.

Due to the very low end of the frequency response (approx. 30Hz), a subwoofer is not required.

Some of our speakers are equipped with "WideRangeStereo". This enables the "Stereo Hot Spot" to be enlarged.

Our boxes work with all commercially available amplifiers. Just plug in and enjoy music.

Our products are custom-made according to your wishes. Because for us, quality isn't just a word, it's an attitude.

Unique and exclusive

Innovative and eye-catching design, tailor-made for your individual wishes

Handmade in Austria

"Made in Austria" is a matter close to our hearts. That's why we make all our products by hand in our workshop in Vienna

Superior sound quality

Our boxes achieve a stable, distortion-free and unclouded spatial sound experience


Our history

The idea of ​​building loudspeaker boxes ourselves came to us a long time ago. The only question was how we could stand out from the 100,000 "black boxes" of our market companions, and of course at a reasonable "price/sound" ratio without the voodoo customary in the industry.

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  • Because of you, we weren't the only bridal couple at our wedding, BUT thank you very much for the great sound system.

    The Schoeninkle family
  • With your speakers I heard sounds in David Bowie's songs that I didn't even know were there. And even with films, the sound details surprise me again and again. My “standard” is now an extraordinary sound experience.

    dr Claudia Augustat
  • Great sound with a super fancy design. Listening to music is twice as much fun!

    Helmut Slanina
  • Finally boxes that look fat AND offer perfect sound! Keep up the good work StandardSoundSolutions!

    Ing. Gerald Meier
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