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Wasami SS Set

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The WASAMI family business, which has existed since 1977 and has its premises/headquarters in Korneuburg, sells self-designed tube amplifiers.

In combination with our model WORM, these result in a SOUND-TASTIC set!

The price is per pair. If you need a single speaker or a different color, get in touch please contact us via our inquiry form and we will fulfill your wishes.


Product Specifications

Dimensions [cm, lxwxh]
Variant 1 standing: 39 x 32 x 31
Variant 2 flat: 39 x 13 x 52
Frequency Response [Hz]: 35 - 20,000
Impedance [Ohms]: 8
Power consumption [W]: 50
Weight [kg]: about 3

price guide

€ 1499.- per SET, consisting of 1 tube amplifier and a pair of loudspeaker boxes.

Contact us here to discuss bespoke colors or faux fur options.

Wasami SSS Set - Standard Sound Solutions Wasami SSS Set - Standard Sound Solutions Wasami SSS Set - Standard Sound Solutions

Tech Specs

General information

The Worm model is a classic 2-way system which is very
high phase fidelity paired with linearity.
It is a passive loudspeaker system which is connected to the
inputs with a maximum of 50 watts of input power may be applied.
This model includes a bass reflex tube, it is not secured against
Liquid effects of all kinds. These can lead to a defect in the box
to lead!
The self-developed and built crossover is limited to that
Essential (the sound image) and deliberately refrains from overrated
Each speaker box is exclusively handmade, "Made in Austria" and 100%
Quality checked.

frequency response

What does the frequency response say?

The frequency response shows how evenly a loudspeaker reproduces the entire range from very low to very high tones.
The range from 20-20,000 Hz is often measured, as this corresponds to the human hearing spectrum.
An audio measuring system generates test signals, the reproduction of the frequencies through the loudspeaker is then measured with a high-quality measuring microphone and displayed graphically in a diagram.

For everyone who wants to know exactly:

  • 100% quality control

  • No subwoofer required

  • wide range stereo

  • plug & play

  • Custom made

We thoroughly test every product we sell. As a guarantee, you will receive the corresponding test report and quality certificate from us.

A subwoofer would be superfluous due to the very low frequency response in the lower range (approx. 30 Hz).

Some of our speakers are equipped for wide-range stereo, allowing for an expanded "stereo sweet spot".

Our loudspeakers work with all commercially available amplifiers. Just plug them in and enjoy your favorite music.

Our products are manufactured individually and exactly according to your wishes. Quality is not just a buzzword, but an obligation that we live by!