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Standard Sound Solutions


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With plastic grid inside

Expand the extraordinary design of your speaker boxes with an individual component! This product is supplied as a pair.

The bass box cover rings from StandardSoundSolutions are not only a visual extension of the appearance, they also adhere purely magnetically.

other colors on request. Click here .

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If you buy this product together with a speaker, you will receive a 40% discount. The discount is applied at checkout.


Product Specifications

Grid - Standard Sound Solutions Grid - Standard Sound Solutions Grid - Standard Sound Solutions

  • 100% quality control

  • No subwoofer required

  • wide range stereo

  • plug & play

  • Custom made

We thoroughly test every product we sell. As a guarantee, you will receive the corresponding test report and quality certificate from us.

A subwoofer would be superfluous due to the very low frequency response in the lower range (approx. 30 Hz).

Some of our speakers are equipped for wide-range stereo, allowing for an expanded "stereo sweet spot".

Our loudspeakers work with all commercially available amplifiers. Just plug them in and enjoy your favorite music.

Our products are manufactured individually and exactly according to your wishes. Quality is not just a buzzword, but an obligation that we live by!

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