SS1 Pro (Big Snake)

How to set Wide Range Stereo: 

The speaker boxes of the "SS1 Pro (Big Snake)" model series allow the "Stereo Spots" to be adjusted from "Normal" to "Wide Range Stereo" (see Figure 6) in just a few simple steps. 

ATTENTION: A rotation of the areas is only permitted and possible along the vertical axis of the box and between the segments tweeter to bass 1 and bass 1 to bass 2 (see figure 4 and 5)! 

The easiest way to set it up is with two people, with person 1 holding one segment while person 2 twists the other.

Setting instructions/tips: 

  • Make sure that the tweeter always points to the center of the stereo range

  • First twist bass 2 to bass 1, then bass 1 to tweeter

  • Make sure that the tweeter is only in "normal mode" on one axis with one of the basses

  • The optimum setting is when the tweeter is exactly between bass 1 and bass 2

The maximum permissible total angle range can be seen in Figure 5 and is 50°.